Main target

Perform fatigue tests and characterization automatically and simultaneously on moving parts of the vehicle interior panels to comply with the wear, quality and homologation standards in the design and development phase of the product.


The internal panel fatigue bench for moving parts is a system designed to automatically perform tensile and / or compression fatigue cycles, along arbitrary directions, of components anchored to the internal panels of motor vehicle doors. The bench constantly detects the load applied to the component by means of a calibrated force transducer, fixed to the end of the instrumented actuator, ensuring that it does not exceed the limits set by the operator and / or, in any case, the operating limit of the bench itself.


  • Possibility to easily move the test bench
  • Extensive customization of test parameters
  • User friendly graphic interface
  • Plot of graphs in real time
  • Operation in climatic chamber
  • Remote control
  • Test data memorization