Main target

Build up a model for interior noise prediction. The main purpose is to realize a fully integrated model including all the noise sources and accounting for their reciprocal interaction and interaction with the vehicle itself. The final goal is to improve the acoustic comfort in vehicle and verify the compliance with current regulation in order to homologate it.


  • SEA based model
  • Multiple noise sources integration (rolling noise, engine/motor, wind noise, etc.)
  • Critical path modelling and analysis for noise transmission
  • Insulation package modelling and integration in acoustic global model
  • TL and Absorption simulation for all critical components involved in the analysis
  • Testa data integration
  • Mass/cost reduction optimization


An integrated model helps in interior noise prediction but also in understanding how multiple sources interact together. The major benefit of this model is to anticipate critical issues in early stage of product development and find suitable countermeasures before is too late reducing development time and costs.