In AMET we design and realize hardware in-the-loop and Rapid Control Prototyping simulators, turnkey systems based on our customer’s specifications.

Our twenty-year experience enables us to provide systems based on different real time hardware platforms, electrically interfacing the control units (ECUs) and integrating vehicle dynamics simulation models, HMI and more.

Automatic Control System

Model Based Control Design

We can support our customers in the development cycle (V-model) with a model based design approach for Verification and Validation. For instance: Model complex systems, Analyse and synthesise a system controller, Simulate the system and the controller, Integrate all these phases deploying the controller.

Furthermore, AMET can help you with:

  • Multi-domain system simulation
  • Model-Based System Engineering
  • Control algorithms design
  • Rapid Control Prototyping
  • Hardware in the loop
  • Functional safety relevant systems design
  • Embedded applications

Automatic Control System

Real Time HIL & Rapid Control Prototyping

AMET can help you with:

  • System specification and architecture definition
  • Hardware/Software integration
  • Fault injection and Diagnostics
  • Test automation
  • Testing and validation support

Hardware-Software real-time platform integration

National Instruments

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Network & Protocols

AMET supports its customers with the best-known engineering protocols in the automotive, aerospace and railway sectors and in different real time operating systems, also proprietary.

  • Protocols
  • Test procedure definition and execution
  • Software development for embedded networks
  • Expertise in CAN, LIN, MIL-1553, FlexRay, FireWire, BlueTooth, Ethernet, RS-232, GPRS, Fieldbus, etc.







MIL 1553

J1850 VPW





Linux RT



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Software Development & HMI

AMET develops software and algorithms based on our customer’s specifications with the following programming languages:

  • NI LabVIEW 
  • Microsoft Visual Basic (.net)
  • C 
  • C++
  • Python
  • TestStand
  • MATLAB/Simulink
  • TTCN-3

Application examples:

  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) / GUI development
  • Embedded ECU, DSP, microcontroller software development
  • Test automation
  • Finite State Machine
  • Integration and communication between different softwares

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Autonomous driving

The greatest innovation we find in the automotive industry today are driverless cars, completely autonomous and connected.

Self-driving cars are made up of a complex system of systems, electrical, electronic, mechanical, thermal and chemical and it consequently provides important engineering challenges concerning:
– varied and numerous sensors, related to an increasing amount of data types, which make it complex to design software and hardware. An example is the electrical system;
– high security requirements, to be guaranteed through the continuity of digital data;
– complex verification and validation cycles, which can only be managed with the automation and virtualization support.

AMET supports the main automotive companies for the design, integration and validation of their projects, in house or directly on site.

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Electrical and Hybrid vehicles

A hybrid car, more properly a hybrid propulsion vehicle, is a vehicle equipped with a propulsion system with two or more components, typically an electric motor with a thermal engine, which work in synergy.

The electric vehicle (EV) only uses electric propulsion thanks to powerful latest generation batteries. The acronym B.E.V. (Battery Electric Vehicle) is used to indicate the electric car, as it is exclusively powered by rechargeable batteries. Recharging is possible at charging stations, with appropriate charging poles, spread throughout the territory or with a domestic electrical outlet.

AMET supports OEMs and Tier-1 through a wide portfolio of offers for product development, from design to validation. Our laboratories and products enable innovative solutions for the most advanced electric and electronic systems, for new generation Hybrid and Electric powertrain.

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