Design and development of complex and sustainable new products become more demanding every day because of:

  • Time to market
  • Quality targets
  • Tighter Regulations
  • Pressure on Budget
  • Increased Competition
  • New Technologies
  • Dispersed Know-How
  • Environmental targets
  • End user Expectations

The early stages of a sustainable product development are crucial, and yet product managers are inundated with information and input data, which they fail to exploit.

Wrong initial decisions
Missed some essential KPIs
Oversight of tech-trends & competitors

Slow & Expensive Product Design
Sub-optimal technical choices
Unmet performance targets

End product not meet expectations (Life Cycle Assesment & other Key performances…)

A powerful tool to tackle and set up the development of highly complex products while minimizing the risk of failure…

…in the hands of product managers and project teams in charge of setting and then fullfilling the set performance goals (including LCA) for every new product or component from the Concept to the Production phase:

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