Libra streamlines complex product development, providing a cohesive platform that adapts to any industry's needs by tracking weight, costs, materials and other key performance indexes.

Libra allows for making sense of all non-geometric key performance indicators (KPIs) such as weight, costs, materials, and other performance metrics related to the development of a complex product, whether it be a vehicle, aircraft, or sophisticated appliances.

Through its flexibility in managing product definition from the aggregate down to the individual bolt, associating respective KPIs with each level, and enabling the creation of infinite calculation and aggregation rules, sources prioritization, and data import/export routines, Libra facilitates an effective definition and tracking of objectives and targets assigned to such KPIs.

Libra integrates acquired and real-time data from PLMs, CADs, spreadsheets and any other enterprise application, allowing project teams to set objective benchmarks, assess progress accurately and adjust targets with agility, while minimizing risks.

By handling diverse BoMs (Bill of Materials) it helps to bridge the gap between engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, sustainability, costs & financial departments.


Libra provides a strong support from product conception stage throughout the whole engineering development and up to production.


Gain the competitive edge with Libra’s Benchmark Module. Compare, analyse, and set your product apart with comprehensive competitor insights: Teardown data and technical specifications.

Target Setting

Define your new product success with Libra’s Target Setting Module. Create, simulate, and adjust your next-gen product targets with unmatched flexibility and foresight.


Monitor and assess your product KPIs with Libra’s Assessment Module. Keep your project on target adopting Libra and leveraging on its “what-if analysis” capabilities.

Custom Modules

Furthermore, Libra’s flexible architecture supports Custom Modules tailored to your unique product development needs.

The Libra’s modules span all stages of product development, facilitating the critical transition from Concept and Product Definition through Technical Development up to Production Readiness.


Your data integrity and security are our top priority. Libra ensures your information is protected with state-of-the-art encryption and comprehensive security protocols.

Our cloud-based platform means you’re always connected to the data you need when you need it.

Libra platform can be implemented in your organization within few weeks and enables your team to start benefiting from it even if your product design is already ongoing.


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