SCANeR is the most comprehensive simulation platform addressing prototyping, validation and training of ADAS, Autonomous Vehicles as well as Human Machine Interaction.

SCANeR™ Studio

SCANeR™ studio is a comprehensive software suite dedicated to automotive and transport simulation addressing both testing and driving for ADAS, Autonomous vehicle, HMI and headlight use cases.

SCANeR™ studio provides all the tools and models that are necessary to build an ultra-realistic virtual World: road environment, vehicle dynamics, traffic, sensors, real or virtual drivers, headlights, weather conditions and scenario scripting.

Far from being a “black box” tool, it is a genuine modular simulation platform, flexible, expandable and open, meeting the needs of researchers and engineers. Its versatility makes a complete range of setups possible: driving simulators, model-in-the-loop, software-in-the-loop, hardware-in-the-loop.

SCANeR™ compute

SCANeR™ compute is a “solver only” version of SCANeR™, easy to deploy and to use in batch mode, dedicated to massive simulation.
SCANeR™ compute main features are:

  • No GUI/Edition
  • Multiple instances on the same node
  • Windows (Pro/Server)
  • Linux (Ubuntu LTS/CentOS 7)
  • Docker support
  • Linux headless support: run without X server, with GPU support for sensors, camera and visual (via EGL)
  • Specific license model
  • On-Prem or Cloud (Microsoft Azure ready)

SCANeR™ explore

SCANeR™ explore includes innovative functions to create test plans based on scenario generation and multi parameter space exploration for massive simulation. It can generate millions of relevant scenarios in minutes.
SCANeR™ explore main features are:

  • SCANeR™explore main features are:
  • Test plan editor
  • Support all scenario parameters
  • Parameters constraints
  • Different method for value distribution: Factorial, Statistical, custom distribution laws
  • Customizable with Python scripting
  • Scenarios generator
  • SCANeR™ simulation launcher
  • All functions are also accessible through an API available in C++ and Python


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