Main target

AMET experiences in ejection mitigation from the point of view of Multi-Body simulation. The main purpose consists in Full-Vehicle Multi-Body virtual analysis to study rollover behavior in different scenarios in order to reduce time and cost to define the conditions of no roll, may roll and roll.
Quick simulations allows to run a DOE plan for different scenarios and vehicle characteristics to provide the ECU supplier vehicle data to develop a proper airbag firing algorithm. Analysis of occupant – vehicle interaction is performed taking into account occupant compartment model, dummy model and kinematics coming from Full-Vehicle Multi-Body DOE plan.


  • Full-Vehicle Multi-Body model for rollover simulations
  • Rollover different scenarios: Corkscrew, Soil trip, Curb trip, Embankment
  • Numerical analysis to setup parameters useful to define no roll, may roll and roll conditions for experimental acquisition phase, reducing time and cost
  • Numerical tests validation
  • Multi-Body DOE plan using validate Multi-Body model
  • Analysis occupant – vehicle interaction according to Full-Vehicle Multi-Body DOE


Ejection mitigation analysis may greatly take advantage in MBD simulations for: Test focus, Test reduction, DOE plans execution and occupant – vehicle interaction analysis.