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AMET contributes to the development of engineering projects in strategic importance sectors.

About us

We work with passion

We are a high-tech engineering company. We provide mechanic and mechatronic products design and testing.

  • Virtual Analysis - CAE
  • Automatic Control System
  • Consulting
  • Testing & Automation
  • Vehicle Dynamics Simulation
  • Driving Simulation
  • Real-time Simulation
  • Weight Management


Where we work






White goods

Research & Innovation

More and more effective proposals and solutions

AMET has a strategic commitment to research and development aimed to always realize new and forward-looking products and processes.

Research and innovation are conveyed through a network in constant growth and evolution that exploit the potential of new sectors, new markets and new high-tech applications to strengthen the effective collaborations with universities and industrial partners, through participation in regional, national and European research programs, and in a constant commitment aimed at growing an innovation-oriented culture within the company.

“Every day we’re saying: How can we keep this customer happy?
How can we get ahead in innovation by doing this?
Because if we don’t, somebody else will.”

Bill Gates

Research & Innovation

Research topics & projects

Participation in funded research projects is an opportunity to create innovative services and products, in the context of collaborative networks of small, medium and large enterprises, with the participation of universities and research organizations.

Support to customer R&D initiatives

Project Proposal
Project Management
Technical Reporting
Project deployment


Electric / Hybrid Vehicles
Vehicle lightening
Data Analysis
Artificial Intelligence
Autonomous driving


Sustainable mobility
Smart manufacturing
Energy Efficiency
Predictive Maintenance
Innovative Materials

Funded Research Projects

EU Projects
National research programs
(MISE, MIUR, technological platforms and clusters)
Research programs of the Piedmont area
(innovation hubs and technological platforms)