Main target

FEM (Finite Element Method) simulations allow to predict global behavior and specific responses of a physical system subjected to an external loading, in order to provide information useful for an efficient and robust design, when physical tests are expensive or in case of events difficult to reproduce.
The versatility of the CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), FE Method allows to easily implement acquired knowledges and know-how on several fields of assessment.
An example of utility of CAE/FE Method, is the assessment in case of a bird impact on aircraft canopy.


  • FEM modeling of an adequate sub-system, based on simplification assumptions: fuselage and canopy, with a correct description of material behavior and relationship among parts
  • FEM modeling of several scenarios of bird impact: mock-up of bird as impactor, with a correct description of bird body behavior and different impact circumstances
  • Behavior prediction and assessment for status evaluation
  • Iterations of simulated scenarios for design improvements


Complex and expensive mechanical systems and rare and destructive events can be adequately modeled and repeatedly analyzed.