Main target

Realization of a system for raising the temperature of mechanical components under test, which can be used in a climatic room.


The Standalone Thermal Tube is a system designed to automatically control the temperature of a volume limited by the electric blanket. The control is able to raise and maintain constant the temperature of the air volume inside the electric blanket up to + 70 ° C in addition to the external temperature, with the external temperature in the range [-40 ° C … + 90 ° C ].
The activation and / or deactivation of the heating command of the electric blanket can be managed in “automatic” mode, or by adjusting it on the basis of the measurements acquired by dedicated sensors, or in “manual” mode. In this second case, the user can arbitrarily decide whether to activate or deactivate the heating command, regardless of external conditions.


With the use of electric blankets it is possible to extend the temperature range of use of existing electromechanical test benches. For example, using them in a climatic cell even if they were not designed to withstand high and low temperatures.
Flexible structure that adapts to mechanical components or complex plant layouts.