Cylinder and heat exchanger

H2 storage module

FC generation module

Main target

H2FC Project, performed in the frame of POLIGHT Innovation Pole, was aimed to develop an integration between metal hydride cylinders for hydrogen storage and 1 kW fuel cells, for stationary applications. The main problems related to this type of applications were addressed and thermodynamic and kinetic simulations (2D/3D) of the entire process were performed using FEM techniques, to analyze the thermal behavior of the cylinders during the absorption and desorption phases of hydrogen in hydride powders.


For the integration of metal hydride tanks with fuel cells, the project evaluated and analyzed the following aspects:

  • Identification of metal hydrides with absorption / desorption characteristics suitable for the working conditions;
  • Materials for the construction of a case suitable to contain the metal hydrides;
  • Integration of the cylinder with fuel cells: in this phase of the project, FEM and CFD simulation techniques in 2D and 3D were used;
  • Process management system.


The hydrogen storage method with the use of metal hydrides is a promising technique for stationary applications. The field of application of the integrated system is in combination with renewable sources: hydrogen can be produced by water electrolysis, using energy from renewable sources (e.g. photovoltaics); and then stored and converted into electricity by the proposed system, which could replace batteries and be applied in production sites not connected to the electricity grid.