Main target

AMET’s activities in railway sector apply to several topics, related to the different structural and functional aspects of the vehicle. The Finite Elements Method (FEM) is widely used in the railway sector, both on the complete vehicle and on components and subsystems, with different purposes, in the context of virtual analysis and testing.

FEM analysis of components: overview

  • Non-linear analysis of modular component of car body roof;
  • Modal analysis of body structure – identification of elastic vibration modes;
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) on tramway vehicle: internal aerodynamics, thermal comfort;
  • FEM analysis for fire resistance verification of the cash register structure according to UNI-EN 1363-1: analysis of the behavior of a portion of the railway case, in case of application of a specific thermal load. Assessment of structural performance decay when the vehicle is subjected to a predefined temperature change;
  • Crash analysis – passive safety.


The FE Method allows to analyze and optimize the performances of components and systems in terms of structural, thermo-mechanical, aerodynamic and acoustic behavior. 
For the evaluation of performances of railway vehicles and systems AMET leverages the expertise in dedicated FEM tools and extensive experience in road vehicle dynamics.