Industry 4.0 compliant test bench to simulate human behaviour to open and close Sliding Side doors from outside and inside, for passenger or commercial vehicles.

Adaptable to any closure handles and unlocking mechanisms, benches work from -40°C to +90°C with 95% R.H. Electronic control with brushless motors ensure reliability, precision, accuracy.

Ergonomic console and user-friendly interface simplify bench setting.

Entire system test

  • Sliding Side Door

Single components test

  • External handle
  • Electric window lift
  • Door lock
  • Hinges
  • Tie rod/Limiter
  • Window
  • Window outline gasket
  • Door ring gasket
  • Door panel (handle, armrest, return handle, storage pockets)
  • External moldings


  • Most of closures opening mechanisms supported
  • Capability to set opening and closing component speed, delay before movements, maximum force allowed Component characterization through torques/forces and speeds measuring
  • Automatic Report generation

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    Sliding Side Door