Main target

Numerical fluid dynamics is an important design tool that allows to evaluate the performance of a boat starting from the preliminary stages of design and optimizing shapes to obtain the best compromise between design requirements and constraints.


  • Realization of the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) model of the hull including keel and bulb
  • Numerical simulations with VOF (Volume of Fluid) techniques that allow to reconstruct the separation surface between the various phases. In this case, air and water
  • Virtual analysis of the various scenarios of geometric configurations of the keel and bulb
  • Correlation of the calculation model with the real one using experimental tests in a hydrodynamic tank


Fluid dynamics simulations allow multiple advantages:

  • analyze various stylistic and design solutions in the preliminary design phases;
  • optimize the keel and the bulb before carrying out the relative experimental test in the tank;
  • minimize the construction of physical prototypes, advantages for the project in terms of time and costs.