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AMET distributes, supports and integrates the products of Opal-RT Technologies

Opal-RT Technologies provides software, hardware, and related services for real-time simulation, control system development and Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing, by enabling real-time parallel processing and simulation through flexible and affordable technologies.


RT-LAB is the real-time technology that is revolutionizing the way model-based design is performed. Through its openness, it has the flexibility to be applied to any simulation and control problem, and its scalability provides a low-risk entry point for any application, allowing the developer to add compute-power where and when needed – whether it is for dramatically speeding up simulations or for real-time hardware in the loop applications.

RT-LAB provides tools for running simulations of highly complex models on a network of distributed run-time targets, communicating via ultra low-latency technologies, in order to achieve the required performance. In addition, RT-LAB’s modular design enables the delivery of economical systems by supplying only the modules needed for the application in order to minimize computational requirements and meet customers price targets. This is essential for high-volume embedded applications.

RT-LAB allows the user to readily convert Simulink or SystemBuild models to real-time simulations, via Real-Time Workshop (RTW) or Autocode, and run them over one or more PC processors. This is used particularly for Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) and rapid control prototyping applications. RT-LAB transparently handles synchronization, user interaction, real-world interfacing using I/O boards and data exchanges for seamless distributed execution.


RT-LAB Xilinx FPGA System Generator (XSG) enables Simulink model subsystems to run on FPGA.

RT-LAB Engineering Simulators

RT-LAB engineering simulators and testing equipment provide the most effective way to implement a model-based approach to design and testing. Working with MATLAB and Simulink, or MATRIXx and SystemBuild, they allow real-time simulations of dynamic systems to be quickly created and used throughout the design cycle – from initial concepts, to controller design, to test and validation using hardware-in-the-loop. Different form factors are available as platforms for RT-LAB solutions (e.g. PC-104, MxStation and HILBox), for different simulators and test equipments (e.g. TestDrive, UAV Engineering Simulator, eDRIVESim, etc.).