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Vehicle Closures Fatigue Testing

AMET developed and sells two kinds of vehicle closures fatigue test benches:

  • Side doors fatigue test bench;
  • Hood/trunk-lid/rear door fatigue test bench.

The main features are common to the two kinds of test benches.

Key features

  • Durability vehicle closures testing performed opening closures from outside and closing from inside, by means of ropes driven by electric motors
  • Opening from inside using the opening lever
  • Free movement of the closure
  • Capability to work from -30°C to +80°C with 90% of humidity (down to -40°C as optional);
  • Usable for different passenger cars and commercial vehicles
  • Most of closures opening mechanisms supported (e.g. external logo push-button, mechanical key-lock, internal push-button, internal lever with bowden cable, electric-lock switch activation, external micro-switch mechanical activation)
  • Capability to set opening and closing closure speed, delay between movements, maximum allowed force for the unlocking phases
  • Ergonomic operator console and touch screen user friendly operator interface
  • Linear actuation to perform closure opening, actuating opening levers
  • Capability to interface to door ECUs via wired signals or communication buses
  • Capability of window synchronization
  • Report generation capability
  • Adaptability to different closure handles
  • Test data storage and export in standard format capability


  • Save test setup time thanks to easy configurability
  • Save investment thanks to adaptability to different vehicles
  • Achieve optimum product life evaluation thanks to appropriate loading cycle simulation


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