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AMET belongs to the Inventory of Innovative companies selected by Torino Chamber of Commerce and participated to the Open Innovation project, promoted by Fondazione Human+ and Torino Chamber of Commerce with the scientific collaboration of Politecnico di Torino:

AMET has a strategic commitment into research and development aimed to realize innovative products and processes. This goal is pursued through a continuous collaboration with several Universities and industrial partners and the participation to collaborative initiatives such as Piemonte innovation clusters and Aerospace district.

It is also of the outmost importance the contribution of public grants, at different levels, i.e. regional, national and European.

In general the research topics into which AMET is more deeply involved include:

  • smart and green manufacturing;
  • new materials;
  • sustainable mobility;
  • smart building and smart cities;
  • advanced and integrated design and testing methodologies and tools;

To mention the main projects

Piemonte projects

  • Aerospace platform: STEPS – Systems and Technologies for Space Exploration – Read More >>
  • Automotive platform: PIE VERDE on sustainable urban logistics through electric and hybrid light commercial vehicles

AMET is also active in two Piemonte innovation clusters: MESAP and POLIGHT, within which it is working, for instance, on:

  • complex robotic testing cells;
  • smart building;
  • hydrogen technologies;
  • functional safety testing tools and more.

In further detail

MESAP (Mechatronics & Advanced Manufacturing Systems)

  • ROBOTCELL – Methodologies and tools for the design of robotized cells
  • APMD - Active and passive magnetic levitation of rotating shafts

  • RACA – high friction coefficient coatings for automation parts
  • PROMAME – mechatronic vehicle handles manufacturing process
  • FAROS - framework for real-time open source automation systems
  • SISMA - functional safety of automotive mechatronics systems according to ISO26262
  • RADIODRY – radio frequency paper dryer
  • SMAX – Smart Axle for commercial vehicles
  • EHA-INAVICO - Electro Hydrostatic Actuation for Industrial Automation and Vibration Control

POLIGHT (Green Building & Hydrogen Technologies)

  • DAEMON – smart building automation system for retrofit of existing offices – Read More >>
  • ENERGYSKIN – smart skin for new buildings, i.e. a climatizing system for curtain-wall buildings (aluminium or glass-aluminium), aimed at energy saving
  • H2FC – Integration of metal hydrides tanks with fuel cell APUs
  • FA-H2FC - hydrogen fuel cell solid storage for naval applications
  • MOS-FC – hydrogen fuel cell powered operating machine for handling materials
  • S-BOAT - auxiliary on board generator and energy storage system for naval applications


Italian projects

  • HEOL (PIA Innovazione) –
  • SMAIL (Industria 2015)


European projects

  • MBAT - combined model-based analysis and testing methodologies and tools, under ARTEMIS JTI;
  • Sprincom - simulation for die design and springback compensation for high strength and ultra high strength steels under RFCS
  • MASHOS – material simulation for hot stamping steel, under Manunet initiative Read More >>