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AMET has developed through the years a sound competence in the engineering field, namely in the Transportations field. The Project Managers team consists of consultants with at least ten years of experience, with a proven technical background that spans across different engineering skills.

Leveraging both the Project Managers’ experience and the in-house skills, AMET provides best-in-class consultancy for managing large engineering projects, either at customers’ site or at the company site, making the most of AMET‘s facilities in terms of software and hardware.

Having been on the market for almost ten years, AMET has collected a multidisciplinary experience that enables its consultants to efficiently transfer methodologies through different fields, thus making possible a cross-fertilization that grants our customers high level services and competence growth with minimum effort.

AMET‘s offer spans from single, highly experienced consultants acting as advisors for specific aspects of customers’ projects to complete team management for long term projects (2 / 3 years) involving several engineering aspects (concept, product design, performances achievement, process design) provided by a large team (up to 15 people as current experience) of experienced consultants.